Prayers for Shahida Nehorai

Sadly our dear friend Shahida Nehorai passed away this morning, 6th November 2017, after a short illness.   She had an incurable cancer but we all hoped that she would have more time with us before the end.
As you know, she took over the running of our Dharma Shop at retreats a few years ago and did a wonderful job –  she was always good humoured and quietly efficient.  Many of us had grown to appreciate her quiet presence and good humour at retreats, and she had developed some close friendships.  She will be very sadly missed.
I’ve attached a couple of photos for those who’d like to put one on their shrine and send her blessings.
Message from Carole – 6/11/2017
 For most of us doing a puja isn’t practical, but our individual prayers and mantras will be great.  One can also request prayers for the deceased on the American website
“During three days after death Rinpoche recommends that we do virtuous, positive actions such as pujas for the benefit of the dead person.  Then at each seventh day during the seven weeks after death we can do a special ceremony or virtuous action for her benefit” 
from the’Death and Dying’ section on our website.