Mahamudra Retreat 2015: Booking Form

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Please note we have suspended taking bookings for beds at Bruton, due to the high demand. You can still opt to stay offsite, or sign up for the waiting list. Please don't pay anything now if you opt for the waiting list.

All relevant information is contained on the retreat information page which you NEED TO READ.

Fill in the form below and click ‘send’ at the end. Alternatively you can print and post it. As we receive over 100 applications in a couple of days these will take a while to process so you will receive an automated acknowledgement. Confirmation of your place will hopefully be sent by 8th December; meanwhile please don’t email Michelle, it just slows things down.


Note Doubles can only be booked if you name the person you are sharing with:

I have read and confirm I agree with the conditions as set out on the retreat information page.

Enquiries to
PUNDARIKA UK, 37 Leighton Road, Bath BA1 4NF

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